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The properties in the table below are all the listings from all the participating brokers who belong to our Multiple Listing Network, (HGMLS) so you are NEVER missing anything currently for sale in The Hamlets. They are sorted by price ascending, however you may sort each column any way you prefer.   Important Note:  The Prices may have changed or the property may have been sold since the upload date so check the MLS link to be certain.  If the link returns no property, it means the listing is sold or off the market.  For info on any of these properties, simply call Angela 914.420.7500 and I’ll get back to you. Alternatively please click on my contact tab and send me an email.  This list is updated often, usually Thursday/Friday every week.

For Sale Now in The Hamlets

Five StarsSort BySort By MLS#AddressSort By PriceSort BedsSort BathsSort Schools
Eagle Ridge443620525 Eagle Ridge$340,00032.5E.Ramapo
Knolls East450867119 Kensington$279,90021.5 (brand (new)E.Ramapo
Eagle Ridge444593183 Eagle Ridge Way$23000011.5E.Ramapo
*****Timberline451610528 Timberline Drive$304,00012Clarkstown
*****Timberline451692220 Tulip Court$369,00022.5Clarkstown
Knolls East451495617 Milford Court$347,00022.5E.Ramapo
*****Vista451341937 Vista Drive249,90011E.Ramapo
*****Eagle Ridge451207046 Eagle Ridge Way$319,13022E.Ramapo
*****Knolls East451178819 Wyndham Court$349,00022.5E.Ramapo
*****Timberline451164717 Tulip Court$279,90011.5Clarkstown
Knolls East45107682 Oxford Court$312,00022.5E.Ramapo
Knolls East45103488 Oxford Court$349,90032.5E.Ramapo
*****Timberline45100965 Timberline Drive$339,00022.5Clarkstown
Vista450963813 Dylan Court$359,00022.5Clarkstown
*****Vista45084349 Kevin Court$248,70011E.Ramapo
*****Eagle Ridge45082003 Woodland Terrace$405,00022.5Clarkstown
Knolls East45054967 Milford Court$315,00032.5E.Ramapo
*****Knolls East450663714 Lancaster Ct.$318,00021.5E.Ramapo
Vista450613045 Vista$340,00023.5E.Ramapo
*****Eagle Ridge4505590134 Eagle Ridge Way$384,90032.5Clarkstown
*****Vista45055904 Queens Ct.$255,00011E.Ramapo
Eagle Ridge450579742 Eagle Ridge Way299,38022E. Ramapo
Vista444535015 Kevin Court$205,00011E.Ramapo
Vista443850515 James Court$224,90011E.Ramapo
Eagle Ridge442225744 Eagle Ridge Way$244,90011.5E.Ramapo
Treetops4442228131 Treetop Circle$275,00011.5Clarkstown
Eagle Ridge443579698 Eagle Ridge Way$279,90022E.Ramapo
Treetops442678388 Branchwood$294,90021.5Clarkstown
Vista444447861 Chester Lane$295,0001 1.5E.Ramapo
Eagle Ridge443517493 Eagle Ridge Way$300,00022E.Ramapo
Knolls East442928817 Kensington Ct.$309,90021.5E.Ramapo
Knolls East (Contract)444550216 Kensington Ct.$310,00021.5E.Ramapo
Knolls East442592522 Yorkshire Ct.$318,99921.5E.Ramapo
Treetops444143582 Branchwood$319,00021.5Clarkstown
Vista44349433 Queens Ct.$319,00021.5E.Ramapo
Eagle Ridge 444449781 Eagle Ridge Way$324,99922E.Ramapo

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Eagle Ridge ~ Knolls East ~ Timberline ~ Treetops ~ Vista

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SOLD PROPERTIES: September 2014 to March 31 2015.  
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